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Real Adventure made easy





Real Adventure made easy






Jubel curates a personalized journey based on your means and desires. Choose what countries or regions you would like to discover and let us turn it into an adventure. As you explore, sealed envelopes will reveal your next destination and provide you with curated local recommendations handpicked by your travel consultant.

Using our advice, you are free to create your own schedule and set your own pace.

Seamlessly plug In To the World's toP destinations


Step 1


Choose a path and Destination

Choose your path (travel theme) and the destinations you would like to discover. If you are not sure where to go, don't worry! Check out our inspirations page to learn about the world's top destinations or contact us and we will help you find your ideal destination. 

Step 2


Create your bespoke Experience

Take the surveywe use this to craft your custom trip without any commitments. We only go ahead with payment and finalize bookings once you're perfectly happy with your proposal & price— this includes accommodation, transport, and flights.

Step 3


embark on a real adventure

Real adventure requires the mystery of the unknown. As you explore, sealed envelopes in the Jubel Pack (shipped after payment) reveal your next local destination and provide handpicked recommendations. We know our selections are worth your time and money.

step 4


Take advantage of our resources

Using your Jubel Pack you will be free to create your own schedule and set your own pace. However, if you have any questions, emergencies, or special needs our experienced travel consultants will gladly help with anything you may need.

Mystery made to measure

We carefully design trips to create unique and exciting experiences by drawing on elements of surprise and tasteful curation.  But it’s entirely up to you just how much of your journey you wish to keep unknown.  Your request can be as vague as “a completely blind journey somewhere in the world,” to something more specific, such as “a culturally rich Indonesian experience.” However, one thing is for certain: the more that is left unknown, the more rewarding and thrilling your experience will be. 

Check out our Why Us section for more information on the benefits of surprise travel.


Experience you can trust

Hear it from our customers first hand


Experience you can trust

Hear it from our customers first hand

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved the concept, but really couldn’t imagine how it would be executed. Our trip was just phenomenal. Not knowing where you’ll end up made us feel more excited about each transition, like children on X-mas day. I never realized how mentally taxing doing all those travel details were until I was completely freed of them. The Jubel Team was also super responsive so we felt assured if we needed help. All in all a great week!
    — Filip Victor
  • What a trip. I really felt Jubel delivered on their promise (and our request) of adventure. We didn't waste a minute trying to plan any routes or accomodations at all - and then you’re in it, you feel it, and we knew we were in for a treat. Completely changes the ratio between how much work you put into planning a trip and how many quality experiences you have to look back on when you get home.
    — Joshua Tycko
  • Best trip of my life so far...I have traveled around the world and nothing compares to this trip. Visited such an exocit and magical place. Thanks for the memories. Looking forward to Jubel for my next vacation!
    — Inigo Rumayor
  • This was the first time I traveled not knowing where I was going and it was the best decision ever. Waking up every day to be surprised and excitedly nervous was a completely new experience, and one I will definitely never forget!
    — Mariel Bouffier
  • There was nothing more thrilling than traveling to the unexpected. I was able to visit Mexico and really get to experience it like a local. My trip with Jubel not only satisfied my appetite for something adventurous, it left me wanting more.
    — Maria Luisa Leao